Weathering Testing

Applied Technical Services performs a variety of weathering testing methods to determine the lifespan of client materials. Our ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited lab can ascertain a sample’s resistance to heat, cold, thermal shock, humidity, salinity, solar radiation, altitude, and determine subsequent color or physical property changes, to name a few.

Weathering Exposure
Products degrade over time. Exposure to environmental stress factors speeds this process along, but even the strongest metallic and polymeric materials weaken and fail eventually. Manufacturers consider this fact when selecting materials for the design of their products; no one wants patio furniture that deteriorates or a car dashboard that cracks when exposed to sunlight, for instance.

Knowing what the materials of construction can withstand allows manufacturers to ensure the quality of their product and approximate its lifespan when used under expected conditions in its intended manner. To discover the physical, thermal, and chemical properties of their product and its constituent materials, manufacturers send samples to third-party testing companies like Applied Technical Services. We perform a variety of weathering testing methods to determine the resistance of various products.

What follows is a list of the most common standards to which these tests are executed. Click on the titles to learn more about a specific test:

Method Standard
Measure changes in coatings’ color or gloss
ASTM D2244, ISO 7724/2 (A2LA Accredited) and ASTM D523, ASTM E1331, ISO 2813
Method Standard
Simulate product aging by exposing it to steady high temperature for extended period
GM 9505P2, IEC 68–2–30, BMW TS 308, PrV303 (A2LA Accredited)
Method Standard
Simulate the damage products incur from UV rays
ASTM G154, ISO 11507 (A2LA Accredited)
Method Standard
Evaluate product resistance to salinity and humidity over time
ASTM B117, FLTM BI 103, GM 4298P3, DIN 50021, ISO 7253 (A2LA Accredited) and DIN EN ISO 9227
Method Standard
Find product’s sensitivity to varying air pressures and temperatures
MIL–STD–810H (Method 500), RTCA D0160 (A2LA Accredited) and MIL–STD–202G
Method Standard
Determine product’s resistance to failure from thermal shock
Usually determined by client needs
Method Standard
Discover product’s resistance to weakening from temperature and humidity variation
GM 9505P2, IEC 68–2–30, BMW TS 308, PrV303 (A2LA Accredited) and Same standards as heat aging, tests for different results
Method Standard
Simulate damage from sun exposure over longer periods
ASTM G155, SAE J1885, SAE J2412, SAE J2527 (A2LA Accredited) and ASTM D2565, ASTM D4459, ASTM D6695, ISO 4892–2, MIL–STD–810
ATS and Weathering Testing
For over 50 years, ATS has delivered testing, inspection, and engineering consulting services of world-class quality. Our technicians are thoroughly experienced in performing the above testing methods and return accurate results in a quick turnaround window because of their access to our lab’s powerful analytical equipment. If you need to determine your product’s resistance to environmental factors, send a sample to ATS for weathering testing — we take a closer look.

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