ICC Spray Applied Fireproofing Inspections

Applied Technical Services offers a variety of ICC Special Inspections including Spray-applied Fireproofing. Our inspectors have been certified and have experience observing and ensuring application contractors are meeting the standards associated with spraying fire resistant material.

Inspection Process Includes:
  • Verify specifications, standards and building codes
  • Identify fire resistant material and review manufacturer specification and application processes
  • Confirm structural frames, columns, beams, and floor sections are properly prepared for application
  • Verify proper coverage, thickness and density of applied fire resistant materials
  • Perform proper sampling and testing of test specimen – i.e. Bond Strength, etc.

ATS’ quality assurance program ensures our experts perform efficient, accurate inspections. We offer competitive rates. Our detailed reports outline tests performed and the compliance results as they pertain to approved plans and applicable building codes.

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