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EDS Analysis

Applied Technical Services offers EDS analysis as one of our various metallurgical capabilities. EDS, which stands for energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy, is an analysis method that identifies the elemental and chemical compositions of materials. Our experts perform EDS analysis in tandem with our SEM services to provide clients with a full scope of their material’s composition. We perform EDS analysis compliant to ASTM E1508.

How does EDS work?

EDS analysis, or energy-dispersive spectroscopy, utilizes an electron microscope to produce a focused scanning electron beam that excites the sample material’s atoms, causing characteristic x-ray spectrums to be emitted. Every element has a unique atomic structure that allows a distinctive electromagnetic emission spectrum to be observed. Our technicians can analyze these emission spectrums to quantify and identify unknown materials. EDS is useful in determining the chemical and physical properties of a material. Applied Technical Services has the capabilities to conduct EDS on materials such as metal chips, metal platings, contaminant particles, and corrosion products. Our team utilizes EDS analysis to assist clients with failure analysis, material identification, research studies, and various applications. EDS analysis generally accompanies SEM (scanning electron microscopy) to provide comprehensive knowledge of a material’s characteristics. ATS commonly performs SEM-EDS analysis for the following materials:

The ATS Metallurgy Laboratory

The metallurgy lab at Applied Technical Services regularly tests a wide range of materials such as metals, ceramics, and composites, to name a few. We can provide litigation support, failure analysis, reverse engineering, and other metallurgical services. A fully comprehensive list of our metallurgical services can be found here. Our metallurgy laboratory is accredited by ISO 17025 (A2LA) to perform EDS analysis.

Quality Assured

For more than 50 years, Applied Technical Services has offered world-class inspections, engineering consulting, and testing. Our corporate management system accredited to ISO 9001 implores our employees to provide our clients with high-quality customer service. Our experienced experts provide meticulous and reliable reporting with fast turnaround times. Contact us today to reach a qualified professional who will recommend effective solutions based on your needs. Request a free quote for all your EDS analysis needs.

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