Metallography Microstructure and Analysis

Applied Technical Services offers metallography microstructure and analysis services. Our metallography lab performs examinations that fit clients’ needs, and our lab technicians work closely with clients to foster a client-friendly experience.

What is Metallography, and Why is it Important?

Metallography is the study of a metal alloy’s microstructure. The applications of metal alloys are often determined using the information gathered during the examination. For example, a company may request a metallographic exam to determine if a material has the physical properties to uphold the standard of reliability needed for its intended purpose.

What is Microstructure Analysis, and Why is it Important?

Microstructures are material structures observed in a microscope at a magnification greater than 25x. A material’s microstructure is composed of various phases and forms that can significantly predict the material’s physical properties. 

Microstructure analysis investigates and evaluates the causes of a material’s failure. Processes like welding and machining can alter the integrity of the metal, and microstructure analysis is a valuable tool to determine the potential effects. The process is also helpful as a preventative measure, allowing experts to predict potential issues a material may have in a particular application or environment. 

The Metallography Process

The metallography process typically requires the following six steps


Encoders are sensing devices that provide feedback to control systems. A control device reads the electrical signals from the encoder, which sends back a message detailing the motor’s position, direction, and speed.


The sample is mounted to improve its handling and protect the sample’s edges during the preparation process. Compression-type moldings fully enclose the sample in plastic.


Grinding removes excess material from the specimen’s surface by applying solid abrasives. Using finer grits buffs out any scratches caused by the previous grinding. 


Technicians remove excess material from the specimen’s surface using microscopic diamonds and lubricants.


A chemical solution is applied to highlight the contrast in features in the microstructure. Chemical, electrolytic, and thermal etchants showcase microstructural characteristics in the specimen.

Applied Technical Services Analysis Services

Applied Technical Services’ metallurgy lab upholds the latest industry standards, including ISO and ASTM specifications. Our Marietta, Georgia location is an ISO 17025 accredited facility able to perform tests for the following standards:

We’ve performed metallographic analysis for various industries, including: 

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