Applied Technical Services conducts Vickers Hardness Tests on numerous materials helping determine their resistance to deformation through a relatively simple but accurate procedure. 

ATS' Vickers Hardness Tests Capabilities

Also referred to as “microhardness testing”, Vickers Hardness Testing is a simple procedure in which a diamond indenter is pressed into a material to create an impression to be measured and converted into a standard value. The testing, measurement, and analysis of the hardness of a metal is critical. Identifying the resistance to indentation helps determine the strength and heat treat condition of a material used within the industrial design process. The versatility of Vickers (when other standard testing methods such as Rockwell and Brinell are not possible due to size limitations) ensures the suitability of the testing for all solid materials.

ASTM Standards

To ensure our progression in quality assurance, ATS’s Vickers Hardness Testing procedures abide by the ASTM E92 and ASTM E384 standards, for which we maintain ISO 17025 (A2LA) accreditation. With over 12,000 specifications developed by field experts, ASTM standards are internationally recognized, creating a basis of operations for service providers throughout several professions. ATS follows ASTM and ISO 6507 Vickers testing standards to guarantee maximum accuracy of their testing results.

Our Lab

The engineers and metallurgists of ATS recognize the vital competencies necessary for client service excellence. ATS takes a closer look, defining the meticulous details which allow for simple and clear understanding of the characteristics of your materials. The Hardness Testing Lab at ATS adopts contemporary A2LA/ISO 17025 accredited procedures and innovative technology to strive towards exceptional business practices for all of their clients.
About Applied Technical Services

Applied Technical Services (ATS) was established in 1967 as a consulting, testing and inspection company servicing a wide range of clients throughout the business, industry, and legal professions. ATS is known for uncovering technical solutions in the facets of metallurgy, materials testing, calibrations, nondestructive testing, and fire and forensic investigations. ATS embodies a culture of quality and safety while engaging in clear communication with all clients, as we believe this is vital to long-term success.

ATS Quality Assurance Programs

ATS recognizes the value of the pursuit of quality assurance and customer satisfaction. The ATS Lab is compliant with the necessary quality system standards we deem vital throughout our multiple service offerings. ATS carries ISO 9001 certification and ISO 17025 accreditation (A2LA).

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