Structural Steel Weld Inspections

Weld testing on structural steel

Structural Steel Weld Inspections

Applied Technical Services performs structural steel weld inspections through our nondestructive testing department. We assess structures and components for surface and subsurface flaws. Welds must withstand a certain level of load and stress conditions to meet safety and quality standards. Our technicians use several NDT technologies to search for any discontinuities, defects, or irregularities that may impact weld quality. Our NDT weld inspections help clients prevent accidents, meet regulatory requirements, improve reliability, reduce costs, and keep thorough maintenance and repair records.
Our Weld Inspection Experts
ATS weld inspectors are ASNT (American Society for Nondestructive Testing) and AWS (American Welding Society) certified. Our experts perform weld inspections in accordance with applicable codes and standards. Our inspections may involve one or more nondestructive testing methods, such as:
ATS experts inspect everything from bridges to pressure vessels and can assist clients with weld procedure specification development and qualification testing for welders and procedures. We conduct inspections according to AWS, ASME, API, AWWA, NAVSEA, ASTM, and numerous other codes and standards.
Should your weld inspection needs exceed the scope of nondestructive testing, ATS failure analysts, metallurgists, mechanical weld testers, and chemists can help find a solution.
Our Expertise in NDT
Applied Technical Services has performed inspection, testing, and consulting engineering services for more than five decades. Our nondestructive testing experts deliver accurate analyses of key assets by applying a high degree of knowledge and experience. We prioritize our clients’ safety, time, and budget, using the most efficient testing methods to quickly deliver results. Clients may contact relevant experts directly with any questions they have about testing or data.
If you need structural steel weld inspections, contact ATS today. We take a closer look!

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