Certain food items, such as potato chips, will undergo Furfuryl Alcohol Analysis to detect any amount of the FFA compound.

Furfuryl Alcohol Analysis

Applied Technical Services performs Furfuryl Alcohol Analysis for clients in need of Prop 65 compliance testing. We use GC-MS to achieve a low detection limit, down to 1 part-per-million (PPM).
About Furfuryl Alcohol (FFA)

Furfuryl alcohol is a chemical compound often used in organic solvents and resins. It naturally occurs during thermal processing of foods and drinks such as baked goods and coffee. Furfuryl alcohol is also a suspected carcinogen.

Prop 65 and FFA Regulations

Added to California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986’s (better known as Proposition 65) list of regulated substances in September 2016, furfuryl alcohol was designated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as potentially causing cancer. Prop 65 is a California state law, requiring businesses to label their products with a warning if it exposes consumers to a listed substance.

Businesses operating in California that are found to not comply with the law may be subject to litigation and punitive fines. One way to determine whether your product needs to be labeled according to Prop 65 for furfuryl alcohol content is to perform 3rd party testing and potentially conduct an exposure assessment. ATS performs furfuryl alcohol analysis on a routine basis for our clients.

Furfuryl Alcohol Analysis and Testing

Utilizing Gas-Chromatography/Mass-Spectroscopy (GC-MS), our expert chemists will test samples/components for specific items on Prop 65 to help our clients ensure compliance with the Act. The instrumentation allows ATS to measure the content to aid in the process of working toward labeling compliance with Prop 65.

ATS and FFA Testing

For over 50 years, ATS has consistently provided unparalleled testing, engineering consulting, and inspection services. We are proud to serve clients from around the world who represent an array of industries. Our lab is staffed with a team of chemists, who return accurate findings quickly because of their deep experience gained from regularly performing these test methods, and their access to our highly advanced analytical  equipment. ATS partners with manufacturers/importers, legal professionals, toxicologists, and consumer advocacy groups to ensure Proposition 65 compliance. Let ATS handle your product analysis needs for substances such as furfuryl alcohol — We take a closer look!

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