Testing For Hazardous Chemicals

California Proposition 65, which is also known as Prop 65, is a California right-to-know law designed to inform customers about chemicals contained in products. The specific chemicals listed are known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. The purpose of the law is to make consumers aware of exposure to these chemicals. Products containing levels above the allowable limit must contain a Prop 65 warning label so that consumers are aware of their exposure.

Adhering to Prop 65 requirements can be challenging for many manufacturers/importers. The Prop 65 list currently contains approximately 900 chemicals/compounds and is expanding and changing regularly. ATS assists clients by suggesting tests for Prop 65 compliance and working with toxicology groups to determine if a Prop 65 label will be required.

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Prop 65 Heavy Metals Testing
Prop 65 Phthalates Testing
Acrylamide in Coffee
Our Prop 65 Testing Capabilities Include the Following Analytes