Rope Access Training Overview

Rope Access Training and Certification Courses

ATS provides rope access training and certification courses. Candidates enroll in these programs to pursue or further a career working at heights. Each of our five-day classes is SPRAT-compliant. We break them up into four sessions for hands-on instruction and one day for evaluation. Candidates that complete our class and pass examination receive certification as a technician. Having done so earns SPRAT’s approval, qualifying them to perform rope access work professionally.

Level I

Introductory course in which candidates can expect to learn the fundamentals of rope access techniques, equipment use and maintenance, safety procedures, industry regulations, and more…

Level II

Course that prepares candidates for work as a Level II technician, in which they will gain experience performing more advanced rope access techniques, safety evaluations, rope rescues, and more…

Level III

Advanced course qualifying students for work as a Level III technician; they can expect to learn how to design and implement a rope access system, supervise Level I&II technicians, perform advanced rescue operations, and more…

Rope Access Complements Other Skills

While rope access is quite a valuable skill, most employers treat it as an ancillary technique. It is, after all, only a method to get to an elevated workspace and cannot replace the technician’s knowledge of how to perform the type of work required once they get into position. That said, having a rope access certification can make you much more valuable to employers seeking the following types of work:

  • FILMING - Taking Aerial Shots or High-Angle Photographs Without Using a Crane
  • PAINTING - Buildings, Bridges, Tanks, Vessels, and Other Large Structures
  • INSTALLATION - Windows, HVAC, Trim, Gutters, Satellite Dishes, Solar Panels, Set Pieces
  • FACADE ACCESS - Inspections, Certifications, Design, Analysis, Maintenance, and more
  • REPAIR - Concrete Repair for Infrastructure, Commercial Buildings, etc.
  • ROCK SCALING/ANCHORING - Removing or Securing Rock on Cliff Faces
  • GEOLOGICAL SURVEY - Assessing Rock to Determine Its
  • PRESSURE WASHING - Removing Scale and Dirt from Inaccessible Areas
See Our Facility

We understand candidates need to get the most practical benefit out of their limited training time. As such, our teacher hosts as much of instruction as possible out of the classroom and in the obstacle course. Our custom-built, brand-new, indoor facility gives students an ideal space to gain some hands-on experience, applying and perfecting the skills they will need in this career path. Here, students will tie the knots, assemble the rope access systems, and perform the rescues they will use on the job — as befits the level of their training.

Bill Putnam, ATS' Resident Training Instructor
Meet our Instructor

Bill Putnam teaches all of ATS’ rope access training courses. He maintains NFPA 1006 certifications in confined space and rope rescue, proof of his extensive knowledge of relevant safety procedures. Furthermore, he maintains a certification as a Level III technician with both SPRAT and its sister organization, IRATA. These qualifications make him the perfect choice to train up rope access students. Mr. Putnam’s expertise allows him to offer beginner-friendly lessons for fresh faces as well as more rigorous instruction for veteran technicians.