Rope Access Level 3

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Rope Access Level 3

Applied Technical Services offers rope access level 3 training for technicians seeking SPRAT accreditation or reaccreditation. A level 3 certification is the highest of the three levels recognized by SPRAT, serving as a qualification for technicians to become rope access supervisors. Level 3 personnel assume responsibilities such as the overseeing of rope access work sites, the designing rope access systems, and can provide advanced rescue aid. As experienced professionals, supervisors can also perform all duties assigned to lower level technicians. To qualify for level 3 SPRAT certification, technicians must hold a level 2 certification for at least six months and perform 500 hours of documented level 2 rope access work.

Certification With ATS

Our course consists of a four-day hands-on training period and a final certification session held on the fifth day. Students will learn safe rope access techniques in the controlled environment of our indoor training facility, allowing them to apply their knowledge to practice. Candidates for level 3 certification will prepare to become rope access supervisors by training to manage a team of technicians and perform advanced rescue procedures. The final evaluation is held on the final day and passing students will achieve SPRAT certification.

ATS Professional Experts

For over 50 years, ATS has maintained its stellar reputation as a high-quality testing, inspection, and consulting engineering service provider. Our certified experts work in accordance with the relevant standards of their respective industries, using innovative tools and equipment to attain precise results. We serve clients in national and global markets, successfully uncovering facts in materials testing, chemical analysis, accident and forensic investigations, nondestructive testing, and metallurgy.

Quality Assurance Credentials

At ATS, we employ engaged, well-trained personnel to reliably perform our tests, inspections, and consulting engineering services. Our qualified lab and field personnel include certified inspectors and technicians, metallurgists, chemists, scientists, and engineers across various disciplines. We prioritize client satisfaction in the deliverance of our services, which is why our Quality Management System is ISO 9001 registered.

ATS Accreditations and Certifications Include:

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