Motor Circuit Evaluation

Motor circuit evaluation data plot
Evaluating Motor Health
Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCE) is a type of off-line testing that yields indicators for motor health. Motor testing is an essential part of maintenance. Motors that sustain core damage cannot perform optimally — if they continue to work at all. Identifying problems early with motor circuit evaluation prevents permanent damage and has many benefits, including:
  • Cost savings: Motor testing provides a clear assessment of current motor health. Motor evaluations identify whether maintenance is necessary to prevent overspending. Regular testing can also limit collateral damage when failures occur, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Energy conservation: Motor circuit evaluation can identify motor conditions that cause increased power consumption. Left undiscovered, such conditions could accelerate asset wear and affect overall power quality.
  • Increased uptime: Identifying defects before failure occurs allows systems to remain up and running. Motor testing can determine the most efficient and cost-effective maintenance plan.
  • Improved safety: Motor circuit evaluation reduces the frequency and urgency of failures, therefore reducing unscheduled downtimes. Maintenance teams can then make repairs in de-energized conditions.
Motor circuit evaluation can also diagnose insulation system health, eccentricity, broken or faulty rotor bars, and defective motor connections. Motor testing with RTS includes polarization indexing and a standard AC motor test.
Polarization Indexing
Polarization indexing tests the integrity of a motor stator’s insulation system. This de-energized test plots and trends resistance to ground readings. The data generates a ratio measuring the insulation system’s ability to prevent charge from leaking to ground. The results can indicate whether the motor should undergo an overhaul cycle.
Standard AC Motor Test
A standard AC motor test with RTS assesses capacitance to ground, resistive balancing, resistance to ground, and motor winding balancing. The test looks at key indicators of overall motor health and cleanliness. Paired with polarization indexing, the motor test takes a clear snapshot of insulation system conditions and motor stator winding.
RTS Predictive Testing
RTS offers predictive technology services to a commercial and industrial client base. Our experienced, qualified technicians perform motor circuit evaluation, as well as:
  • On-line Motor Testing
  • Balancing/Alignment
RTS uses state-of-the-art equipment to collect and report accurate data within a short turnaround window. Our services benefit many industries, including manufacturing, power generation, and medical facilities. We also provide training on several testing applications for companies who have already established predictive maintenance programs.
If your equipment could benefit from motor circuit evaluation, contact us today.

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