Monitoring Motor Health
For many industries, energy constitutes a major portion of expenses, and motors contribute largely to energy consumption. Time-based maintenance could let motor defects go unnoticed, decreasing the machine’s efficiency and thereby increasing energy costs. Applying time-based maintenance could also lead to early repairs or replacement for equipment that could potentially function for years before reaching failure. Motor condition monitoring provides a more efficient alternative.
Condition monitoring evaluates motor health, providing data that allows technicians to optimize performance. Problems such as uncontrolled vibrations could lead to catastrophic failure; condition monitoring identifies the source of these issues before damage occurs. By optimizing motor efficiency, condition monitoring improves motor reliability and extends the useful life expectancy.
Our Condition Monitoring Services
Reliability Testing Services provides the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary for motor condition monitoring. Our certified experts can locate and define potential issues before they cause motor failure. We ensure that clients’ equipment operates within tolerances, allowing optimal productivity. By sorting, analyzing, and trending data, we can identify problems that require attention, and determine whether performance meets manufacturer specifications. Our services include testing, diagnosis, balancing, and alignment. These insights into motor health help to enable proactive maintenance, informed decision making, and planned maintenance.
Condition Monitoring Benefits
Routine condition monitoring is one of the most effective methods for maintaining optimized motor conditions and comes with several benefits. Discovering potential problems early gives proprietors time to order repair supplies, schedule downtime, and plan for maintenance costs. Preparing for repairs in advance decreases the time needed to complete the work. Condition monitoring gives clients thorough knowledge of their assets’ health and cleanliness, allowing them to perform condition-based maintenance. Basing maintenance off motor health evaluations also cuts down on parts inventory costs. Optimizing motor health extends asset life, reduces energy expenses, and streamlines the maintenance process.
RTS Predictive Testing
Our experts at Reliability Testing Services use state-of-the-art technology and years of experience to provide superior motor condition monitoring services. We specialize in predictive technologies that allow us to perform equipment reliability testing, predictive maintenance programs, and condition monitoring services. Our motor evaluations investigate several aspects of motor health, including resistive balance, inductive balance, polarization indexing, and resistance to ground. We report detailed, accurate data within a short time frame. Our customer service team ensures that clients can always contact a relevant expert with questions regarding testing or data.
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