Salt Spray Testing Lab

Salt Spray Testing Lab

Applied Technical Services’ salt spray testing lab is dedicated to helping clients accurately determine how corrosion will impact the functionality or appearance of a product. The goal of these accelerated tests is to ensure that products and coatings will properly withstand the corrosive environments they get exposed to in service without losing their integrity. The ATS salt spray testing lab creates accelerated real-world simulations to accurately determine the impact of corrosion on various products, including fasteners, automotive and aerospace parts. Multiple testing chambers are used to complete a rigorous series of customized salt spray testing. As part of this testing, ATS can also provide clients with a detailed report on the progression or formation of rust on coated test panels, as well as various types of products.
Testing Capabilities
The ATS salt spray testing lab houses several chambers capable of performing accelerated corrosion exposures to a multitude of industry standards, such as ASTM B117, ASTM G85, ASTM B368, DIN ENISO 9227, DIN 50021, ISO 7253, SAE J1563, FLTM BI 103, GM 9540P, GM 4298P, and GMW 14872. During salt spray testing materials are exposed to a carefully regulated high-saline environment for a specific period of time. The paints, coatings, and products are then examined to determine their corrosion resistance levels. Both photographic documentation and quantitative (% blistering, amount of creepage from scribe, etc.) evaluations are performed to provide clients with the data they need to make effective product decisions. ATS salt testing includes:

As part of our dedication to quality results, the ATS team completes salt spray tests to the following industry standards:

About the ATS Salt Spray Testing Lab

Since its founding in 1967, the ATS salt spray testing lab has been the trusted source for on-time, accurate, and trustworthy data. The entire ATS team has a reputation for excellence that has led to work within a multitude of industries, including the nuclear, aerospace, automotive, medical equipment, insurance, textile, power generation, steel, consumer product, and construction sectors. In addition to salt spray testing, ATS also provides Forensic and Consulting Engineering, Calibration, Chemical Analysis, Materials Testing, Metallurgy, Failure Analysis, Environmental Simulation, and Non-Destructive testing services.

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