Xenon Exposure Testing Services

Applied Technical Services’ environmental testing lab conducts xenon exposure testing to simulate the effects of sunlight exposure on products. The process allows manufacturers to evaluate and qualify a product’s performance in specific environmental conditions. Consumers expect products to have a reasonable lifespan, so manufacturers rely on environmental testing such as xenon exposure testing to ensure that their products perform well during their intended applications.

What is Xenon Exposure Testing?

Xenon exposure testing, or ultraviolet fluorescent testing, simulates the effects of heat, humidity, and sunlight on products and materials in an accelerated fashion. Gas discharge lamps called xenon arcs allow technicians to reproduce the effects of weathering with superb accuracy.

Applied Technical Services' Xenon Exposure Testing Services

Our environmental testing lab uses our xenon arc chambers to simulate the radiation spectrum of natural sunlight accurately. Our weathering chambers have a data logging software that allows technicians to closely monitor the test’s parameters, ensuring the accuracy of the collected data. We work closely with clients to develop the specifics of our testing procedures to ensure that the conditions accurately emulate the weather patterns of the material’s intended use. We conduct xenon exposure tests on various materials, including:

Our xenon exposure tests adhere to the following standards.

Applied Technical Services' Environmental Testing Services

ATS’ environmental testing lab offers comprehensive and competitively priced environmental testing services. Our technicians have decades of cumulative experience in various disciplines and use our state-of-the-art facilities to conduct dozens of environmental testing services, including:

ATS provides professional testing, inspection, and consulting engineering services to companies and industries worldwide. Our staff works diligently to deliver quality experiences to our clients. Our A2LA accredited labs have the technology needed to fulfill a wide range of requests, and we’ve continued to expand our list of services and accreditations over our 55-year history. Please call +1 (888) 287-5227 to speak with an ATS representative about our xenon exposure testing services.

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