ASTM D7869 Testing

ASTM D7869 Testing

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies performs xenon arc light and water exposure testing for automotive coatings in compliance with the ASTM D7869 testing standard.
Subtropical Climate Exposure Testing
ASTM D7869 establishes the criteria for performing testing on automotive paints and coatings to ensure their resilience in subtropical climates, also referred to as Florida Exposure Testing. ATS performs several additional types of environmental testing services that fall under subtropical exposure testing as well, including but not limited to:

Under Glass Testing: elemental exposure testing for interior trim and fabric-based materials.

Salt Spray Testing: a popular testing method to verify a component’s resistance to corrosion.

Humidity Testing: electrical system and component testing to assess functionality under humid conditions.

Rainfall Testing: water ingress and automotive seal testing.

UV Radiation Testing: this method tests paint, coating, plastic, and other materials’ ability to withstand prolonged exposure to the sun.

Direct Exposure Testing: testing a vehicular component’s resilience during direct exposure to various elements.

ASTM D7869
This standard set by the American Society for Testing and Materials covers the testing procedures used to simulate the effects of environmental and physical factors on coatings used in the transportation industry. Our experts perform ASTM D7869 testing in our highly advanced environmental testing facility that features a range of advanced environmental testing chambers with impressive capabilities. Some of our most commonly requested environmental testing services include:
Applied Technical Services’ Commitment to Quality
The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies is proud to have over 55 years of experience serving some of the nation’s leading businesses and organizations, including industry leaders working in power generation, automotive, nuclear, aerospace, military and defense, aviation, building, construction, medical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and manufacturing. ATS holds several ISO 17025 accreditations and is ISO 9001-certified. Trust the ASTM D7869 testing experts at ATS and give us a call at 1 (888) 287-5227 today to request a free quote, or submit a webform on this page for additional information.

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