Xenon Testing

Xenon Testing

Materials and coatings can be adversely affected by sunlight exposure. ATS has the capacity to perform xenon testing, a form of accelerated weathering, to reproduce the effects of natural sunlight exposure, directly or through window glass.

Material Qualification Through Xenon Testing
Whether the evaluation criteria is based on visual properties (color change, gloss, haze, optical transmission) or structural properties (impact resistance, tensile strength, abrasion), ATS has the capabilities to simulate a wide variety of weathering applications and requirements.

The sunlight radiation is created using xenon arc light encased in various filters to tailor the radiation spectrum to a specific application.

Our state of the art xenon arc chambers (Ci4000 and QSun) have the ability to introduce controlled environmental conditions through temperature, humidity and spray exposure.

Standard specimens are 2.5”x5.5”, however ATS can also accommodate non-flat samples. All weathering chambers are equipped with data logging software for monitoring throughout the exposures to ensure accurate testing parameters are maintained.
ATS' Commitment to Quality

Our environmental testing division, home to the solar testing lab where we perform xenon and UV analysis on client samples, maintains an ISO 17025 (A2LA) accreditation to conduct xenon arc exposure testing according to the following test standards:

Furthermore, ATS ensures clients will receive service of the highest quality by strictly adhering to an ISO 9001 accredited quality management system. Following this set of internationally recognized principles on quality management practices has allowed us to continually improve the customer experience; ATS can guarantee accurate and detailed reporting, accessible and responsive technicians, and quick turnaround times because of our rigorous quality assurance policies.
If your company needs xenon testing to determine your product’s resistance to damage from solar radiation, contact ATS today — we take a closer look!

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