ATS performs abrasion testing

Abrasion Testing

Mechanical stresses such as rubbing, scraping or erosion all create abrasion of coatings, which can result in color/gloss changes, corrosion, or coating weight changes.
ATS utilizes rotary (Taber) or linear abrasion systems (Crockmeter).
Coating on substrates can be damaged by abrasion during manufacturing and service. Taber method has been useful in evaluating the abrasion resistance of coatings as ratings produced by this test method appear to correlate well with real life performance. The coated surface is abraded using rotary rubbing action under controlled conditions of pressure and abrasive action. The test specimen, mounted on a turntable platform, turns on a vertical axis, against the sliding rotation of two abrading wheels. Abrasion resistance is calculated as loss in weight at a specified number of abrasion cycles, as loss in weight per cycle, or as number of cycles required to remove a unit amount of coating thickness.
In addition to standard abrasion testing methods, ATS also develops custom test plans and methods.

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