Seismic Testing

Seismic Testing

Seismic qualification testing is used as a safety requirement for failure prevention and continued operation. Our seismic testing facility is in full compliance with performing seismic qualifications in accordance with IEEE 344, AC-156 and GR-63-CORE requirements.
Our seismic tests are conducted using the triaxial seismic shaker to meet seismic qualification and safety compliance and requirements. Our seismic shaker is capable of testing for structural integrity and component/instrumentation functionality.
ATS’ state-of-the-art seismic shaker offers an available footprint of 36″x36″ with a grid of 1/2″ — 13 tapped holes on 4″x4″ pattern and is rated at 10,000 lbf load with a peak displacement of 12 Inches P-P (+/-6″). With three independent simultaneous axes of motion (x, y, z translation) it performs at a rated velocity of 52 IPS. The system is capable of operating in the frequency range of 0.5Hz-100Hz with the ability to provide an excitation up to 150 Hz for resonance searches.

In addition to our seismic testing solutions, our competitive advantage over other seismic testing providers with respect to scheduling, efficiency and cost enables our clients to focus on other critical issues.

Our Testing Capabilities
ATS Maintains Compliance with the Following QA Standards:
The ATS Difference
Applied Technical Services, established in 1967 is a leading environmental simulation testing company with comprehensive seismic testing capabilities serving a variety of industries with numerous components and requirements. We provide clear, detailed, and accurate reporting within a quick turnaround window. ATS technicians emphasize remaining engaged, accessible, and responsive during the testing process to ensure a positive client experience.
If your company needs seismic qualification testing services, contact ATS today — we take a closer look!

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