Corrosion of Metals

Metals, like other materials, deteriorate over time. They are especially susceptible over long periods to the incessant, incremental destruction brought about by weathering factors like moisture and salinity. This phenomenon, known as corrosion, causes the eventual failure of metal products by undermining their physical performance (durability, structural integrity, etc.) and their visual qualities (color, surface condition, etc.). By covering the surface of their products with a protective coating, manufacturers can slow the deterioration by sealing off the substrate from weathering elements. They may also adjust the composition of the metal, as different metals resist weathering to different degrees. To judge the effectiveness of their efforts, manufacturers send samples of their product to Applied Technical Services; we perform ASTM B117 salt spray testing to determine sample materials’ resistance to corrosion.

About the Method

Also known as salt fog, salt spray is a test method that involves placing sample materials into an air-tight chamber. This piece of equipment will expose the test sample to a salt spray (thus the test’s name) for a predetermined amount of time. The spray is a simple mixture of salt and water, with greater concentrations of salt yielding a more corrosive test environment. The resulting solution is constantly funneled into the salt spray chamber for the duration of the test, creating an atmosphere more corrosive than most naturally occurring situations and quickly weathering the sample.

ATS’ technicians monitor the condition of the sample materials as the test progresses and compare the results against expectations to determine whether the metals performed as well as anticipated under the accelerated corrosive environment provided by the salt spray. Our lab is A2LA accredited to perform ASTM B117 salt spray testing.

ATS and ASTM B117 Salt Spray Testing

ATS has delivered testing, inspection, and engineering consulting services of superior quality for over 50 years. We serve clients operating around the globe and hail from a variety of industries ranging from aerospace to manufacturing to pharmaceuticals. Our technicians return accurate results in a prompt manner due to their extensive experience performing this test method to one of the most internationally recognized standard, ASTM B117.

Whether it is for quality management, failure analysis, or product safety purposes, ATS’ corrosion testing lab can help determine your product’s resistance to corrosion — let us take a closer look.

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