The ATS corrosion testing lab is designed to help clients understand how materials will perform under real-world conditions using simulated service environments. These types of rigorous tests accurately determine if a material will reach the projected design interval. At the ATS corrosion testing lab, the range and types of tests are adjusted to meet both intended application and industry requirements. These tests can also be conducted throughout the entire product life cycle to help clients effectively evaluate new designs and changes that are made to the original product or material. Through corrosion testing, clients can obtain the necessary performance information about their products to make the right decisions. Selecting the wrong material or coating may result in costing them millions of dollars on an annual basis. As such, the most popular corrosion tests include:

The ATS Corrosion Testing Lab

The ATS corrosion testing lab technicians comprehensively test materials to help clients make critical design, development, and service life decisions. As part of the ATS dedication to quality and accuracy, corrosion testing staff routinely complete tests during both the product research and development stages. Through these tests, ATS provides the information needed for clients to mitigate the risks associated with corrosion to both the materials and the final product. During the tests, the gathered data is compared to requirements listed in established industry specifications, including:

Environmental Simulation Testing at ATS

Since 1967, ATS has effectively offered a wide variety of environmental simulation tests, including corrosion testing. Through accurate data that is delivered on-time and in an easy to understand format, the ATS team has earned an excellent reputation across industries. This reputation includes working with both domestic and international clients to uncover the facts needed to thoroughly test products before their real-world applications. As a corrosion testing lab, ATS has facilitated challenging environments to effectively simulate real-world conditions, while accurately evaluating materials and components. These testing conditions have been used across numerous industries, including: aerospace, automotive, medical equipment, construction, nuclear, power generation, steel and aluminum, and general manufacturing. Regardless of the industry or material being tested, the entire ATS team is dedicated to delivering quality results.

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