Technician Placing Sample into Small Thermostatic Emissions Chamber for Testing

GS 97014-3 Testing

Applied Technical Services performs GS 97014-3 testing to verify that clients’ components and subassemblies meet vehicle interior air quality (VIAQ) requirements. Many of the materials used in the interior trim of passenger vehicles emit chemicals called volatile organic compounds (or VOCs). While most organic compounds can release potentially toxic gases at elevated temperatures, VOCs characteristically release their gases in cooler conditions, including at and just above room temperature. Because automotive passenger cabins are nearly airtight and often recirculate cool or warm air for conditioning, governments around the world implemented VIAQ regulations, and the automotive industry developed rigorous testing standards to maintain compliance.
OEMs and parts suppliers trust third-party automotive testing providers to assess VOC content in their interior trim materials. ATS performs this testing according to an array of OEM specifications, including BMW’s GS 97014-3.
GS 97014-3 and Other Chamber Testing Capabilities
GS 97014-3 calls for testing automotive interior trim in a small thermostatic emissions chamber. This instrument’s 1m3 chamber allows our VOC specialists to accommodate larger samples, such as components and subassemblies, than other methods that can only support small material specimens. Our chemists seal the specimen inside the chamber after a preconditioning period and provide a constant internal airflow to capture VOCs emitted during the test duration; they then analyze these air samples using Gas-Chromatography/Mass-Spectroscopy (GC/MS) to identify and measure any present VOCs.

We perform chamber emissions testing to a variety of specifications other than GS 97014-3 as well. The following list reflects the most common inquiries we receive regarding this test method, but we can perform to other standards as well upon request:

Our chemists can perform either dynamic or static chamber testing using this versatile instrumentation, allowing us to better serve our clients.
About ATS
Since our founding in 1967, Applied Technical Services has prioritized our clientele by improving the scope and depth of our expertise. The interceding 50+ years have seen our company grow immensely. Once a trio of engineers confined to aiding local businesses from their shared office in our founder’s basement, ATS now comprises over 1,000 employees specialized in several disciplines, operating from locations across the United States to deliver our services to clients around the globe. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer care, ensuring clear and accurate results within a quick turnaround window by performing all our chamber testing services under the scope of our ISO 9001-certified quality management system.
Automotive interior trim emits VOCs, something that we have known since the mid-2000s. While some miss the “new car smell” everyone is healthier because of actions taken to curb the harmful airborne chemicals that caused it. OEMs and parts suppliers trust ATS because we help them take a closer look at their samples. Contact us today for a free quote on GS 97014-3 or any other VOC testing method your company might need.

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