Nissan SAE Standards Testing

Applied Technical Services offers a complete line of automotive testing services, including Nissan SAE Standards Testing, ranging from chemical analysis to mechanical and environmental testing. 

Reference Specification Test
Electro Coating Resistant Coating
27860NDS00 [7]
Actuator for Automotive Air Conditioners
62022NDS00 [9]
Bumper Fascia of Bumper System
Floor Carpet for Passenger and Commercial Car
M007 [2009-N]
Test Method for Automotive Painting
M0076 [2005-N]
Test Methods for Automotive Carpet
M0094 [2015-N]
Test Method of Flammability of Interior Materials for Automobiles
M0131 [2007-N]
Methods of High Temperature Test for Passenger Compartment Synthetic Resin Parts
M0132 [2007-N]
Methods of Thermal Cycle Testing for Plastic Parts
M0133 [2010-N]
Testing Methods of Chemical Resistance for Plastic Parts
M0134 [2004-N]
Falling Ball Impact Test Methods for Synthetic Resin Parts
M0135 [2008-N]
Weatherability and Light Resistance Test Methods for Synthetic Resin Parts
M0136 [2005-N]
Abrasion Resistance Test Methods for Plastic Parts
Abrasion Resistance Test Methods for Plastic Parts
CASS Testing Method
M0140 [2009-N]
Salt Spray Testing
M0141 [2008-N]
Methods of Test for Coating of Synthetic Resin
M0153 [2006-N]
Testing Methods of Moisture Resistance for Plastic Parts
M0158 [2014-N]
Methods of Compound Corrosion Test
Bag Testing
M2027 [2009-1]
Zinc Coating (Hot-Dipped) on Steel Plates and Steel Strips for Automobiles
M4601 [2006-1]
Anti-Corrosive Zinc Aluminum Compound Coating
M5083 [2009-N]
Rust Prevention Coating Materials for Automobile Parts
M7105 [2006-N]
Vinyl Chloride Floor Sheet for Automobiles
M8011 [2004-1]
ABS, AAS, AES, Resin (contained Polymer Alloy Resin with another Resin)
M8506 [2008-N]
Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Double-Coated Tapes for Automobiles

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