Engineer performing Clamp Meter Calibration

Clamp Meter Calibration

Concerned about the reliability of your clamp meter calibration? ATS can help!

Clamp meters are used to measure resistance, frequency, voltage, and capacitance. Their accuracy is crucial in determining the quality of installations, service performance, and maintenance of systems across various industries. ATS offers reliable clamp meter calibration services traceable to NIST, to ensure instruments are operating at their highest degree of precision.

From electrical systems to HVAC, we realize how important the accuracy of an instrument is to your work.

Our highly trained professionals follow carefully outlined techniques and procedures in the clamp meter calibration. We take every precaution to achieve results with maximum dependability, like conducting preliminary checks on battery levels, verifying cleanliness of connections and terminals, and ensuring proper warm up time. Test points are evaluated across the full range of the instrument with results reported per SOP-001, Standard Operating Procedure for Calibration of Measuring and Test Equipment.

Online Records Portal

We offer quick access to calibration data via our online iPortal system. This modern and easy to use system also notifies you of the recommended calibration intervals for your clamp meters through automatic computerized calibration due reports. This helps you with the record keeping and performance reliability of your meters.

ATS is committed to providing clamp meter calibration services that adhere to most stringent quality standards. This commitment is backed by the following quality assurance certifications and accreditations:

Fully Accredited Calibrations You Can Trust

Our fully accredited calibration laboratories are equipped to offer fast and competitively priced calibrations. We maintain a 5-7 day standard turnaround time on device calibrations with expedited service available upon request. We service a diverse range of models from the more popular to the lesser-known, including all current transformer, flexible, and hall effect clamp meters.

To request a calibration quote, contact us at 1-888-287-5227.

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