UVP J221 Black Light Meter Calibrations

UVP J221 Black Light Meters are photovoltaic devices that measure the intensity of ultraviolet energy from ultraviolet lamps. UVP J221 Black Light Meter calibrations are a service provided at Applied Technical Services (ATS) Labs. The manufacturer’s recommendation is for calibration / verification every six months to ensure the best possible accuracy. Reliance on inaccurate results may lead to compliance violations, destruction of delicate materials, and unsafe conditions.

ATS Provides High Quality Services

ATS is one of few labs in the United States to offer ISO: 17025 compliant (accredited) calibrations on radiometers and light meters. We can provide calibrations with uncertainties as low as 4.5% for black light and 2.9% for white light, thanks to our high-accuracy light sensors. ATS labs can provide normal service in seven to ten business days. If your equipment is time sensitive, we offer an expedited service that gives your equipment next on bench priority all the way though the calibration service; provided that no adjustment or repairs are required. Typically, this is less than 48 hours. ATS labs can calibrate light meters to meet your specific standards and ensure consistent, accurate readings by testing your device over a wide variety of test points. In coordination with our calibration lab’s accreditation by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), we also provide our own quality-management system.

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