Greenlee Light Meter Calibrations

GreenLee Light Meter Calibrations

Greenlee Light Meter calibrations are performed often in Applied Technical Services (ATS) Labs. Greenlee Equipment is known as one of the brands at the apex of the radiometer and light meter industry. To ensure light meters read the most precise measurements, regular calibration is often recommended or required. Calibration services help clients control the quality of the work they perform in their various industries.

One of the Few Labs Offering 17025-Accredited Calibration Services

ATS is one of the small numbers of labs in the country offering ISO: 17025 compliant (accredited) calibrations on radiometers and light meters. We provide measurement uncertainties as low as 2.9% for white light and 4.5% for black light sensors. Founded in 1987, ATS Calibrations has maintained an impressive record of high-quality work provided to our clients. We deliver accurate documentation, recording, and precision testing; gaining the confidence and trust that our clients have come to expect. We also supply an iPortal web interface that grants online access to calibration certificates, updates, and reminders for future calibrations.

Turn Around Time on Calibration Services
Other Common Brands Serviced Include but are Not Limited To:

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