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Gauss Meter Calibration

Applied Technical Services performs gauss meter calibration for both analog and digital gauss meters. ATS’ calibration experts ensure our client’s meters deliver accurate and consistent readings to comply with industry standards and maintain quality control.

Gauss Meter Accuracy
Gauss meters are used to measure the strength of relatively small magnetic fields. Sensitive measuring equipment such as gauss meters periodically require calibration to continue to give valid readings. Incorrect readings are not always obvious and can result in lost time and effort. Our calibration process involves adjusting the meter in reference to a magnet with a known flux density, ensuring the highest degree of accuracy possible.

Online Records

For more convenient calibration records access, we offer client records online through iPortal. iPortal allows instant access to calibration asset history, status updates, certificates, and future calibration recall dates.

Our Quality Standards
At ATS, we are proud to center our work on quality. All of our services – including calibrations – are based on measurable objectives, defined processes, and stringent industry standards through an ISO certified quality program.
Proven Calibration Services
Applied Technical Services has been a leading provider of testing, inspection, and calibration services for decades. As calibration professionals, we understand the importance of calibration in preserving the accuracy of data collection. Our calibration services are accredited to ISO 17025 by A2LA, and all data generated is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
We serve clients within a variety of industries either in the field or right here in our labs. If you need a professional gauss meter calibration, contact ATS today – We take a closer look!

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