oscilloscope calibration services

Oscilloscope Calibration Services

Applied Technical Services offers the capability for signal sourcing for Oscilloscope Calibration Services. Our calibration laboratory houses state-of-the-art equipment to provide reliable and accurate calibration.

What is an Oscilloscope?

An oscilloscope is an electronic test instrument that displays varying signal voltages. It generates graphically displayed waveforms that technicians can analyze for properties such as frequency, amplitude, time interval, rise time, distortion, and many more. This device processes signals produced by equipment in the medicine, engineering, telecommunications, and automotive fields. Our Oscilloscope Calibrations Services include:

ATS Calibrations Laboratory

The ATS calibrations laboratory routinely performs oscilloscope calibration services. The calibrations lab is a temperature and humidity-controlled room. We maintain the laboratory’s resting temperature at 68°-F within +/- 2.0 °-F and its resting humidity between 30-55% as appropriate. The floors are outfitted with isolation joints to minimize the effects of vibrations, which can negatively impact the calibration process. Before any calibrations begin, oscilloscopes are cleaned and allowed at least 24 hours to regulate ambient temperature. Any calibrations performed at ATS include As-Found and As-Left Data and are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). For your convenience, all records, statuses, results, and certificates are available online 24/7 through our iPortal.

Quality Assured

For a little over 50 years, Applied Technical Services has provided world-class customer service. We uphold our high standard of customer service by following our quality management system that is certified to ISO 9001, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, and ISO/IEC 17025. Our experts can also provide A2LA accredited calibrations upon request. Contact ATS today to request your free quote regarding your Oscilloscope Calibration Services needs.

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