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Spectrum Analyzer Calibration

In addition to our other calibration services, Applied Technical Services performs spectrum analyzer calibrations. Our team of calibration experts verify that spectrum analyzers perform according to OEM specifications.

Spectrum analyzers can display signal attributes such as amplitude, RF power, frequency, and modulation. Due to the precise measurements involved, these analyzers need to be calibrated regularly to deliver valid test results. If left unchecked, inaccurate measurements can equate to lost time, added expense, or liability for your business downstream.

Online Records

Calibration records are available online through the iPortal web platform. Clients can quickly and securely access calibration due date reports, current asset status, asset history, and certificates.

Calibration for Multiple Spectrum Analyzer Models, Including:
Quality Assurance
Each one of our calibration services is complemented by our high standard for service quality. We work with attention to measurable objectives, defined processes, and proven scientific and engineering principles.
ATS Quality Standards
ATS Calibration Services
Choose Applied Technical Services for all your calibration needs – we have over 50 years of proven testing, inspection, and calibration experience. Our lab is accredited to ISO 17025 by A2LA and all data generated is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
Contact us today for more information on our spectrum analyzer calibration services. We deliver accurate results, quick turnaround, detailed reporting, and helpful client support. ATS – We take a closer look!

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