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Tachometer Calibrations

Applied Technical Services provides Tachometer Calibrations.  A Tachometer is an instrument that measures the RPM (Revolutions per Minute) of rotating bodies such as a disk or shaft in a machine. RPM may also be converted to other units of measure in the tachometer, such as FPM (Feet per minute). These devices are commonly utilized in vehicles and across the aerospace industry to measure RPM of a motor. No matter the type of tachometer you are using, it is important to have the device regularly calibrated to ensure that during its operations the correct measurements are being provided.

Types of Tachometers Calibrated at Applied Technical Services:
ATS Calibrations

Our Calibration labs are the leading resource for NIST Traceable ISO 17025 Accredited calibrations. We can provide calibrations in accordance with A2LA requirements upon request. For in-house calibration requests, Applied Technical Services can meet or exceed a 5 to 7-day turnaround. We also have a network of quality approved vendors that allow us to offer a one stop shop for your equipment.  In addition, ATS provides a web-based interface, iPortal, that enables you to access information about your equipment. This information includes electronic copies of calibration certifications, current equipment status, history of service and due date reports for your equipment.

ATS Calibration Labs provide services in the following disciplines:
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For more than 50 years, ATS has been recognized for our high-quality engineering, testing, and inspection services provided to meet the needs of a variety of industries. ATS is dedicated to maintaining an ISO 9001 registered Quality System that certifies that our services are of the upmost quality. The system we have in place is the foundation for our quality policy, which dictates that we are continuously improving through measurable goals and active involvement of our employees. We meet customer needs by providing our services in a timely manner with clear and accurate data. All Services we provide are in accordance with the applicable standards and specifications.

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