Watt-meter Calibration

Among Applied Technical Services’ extensive electrical calibration capabilities is watt-meter calibration. Our calibrations department can verify the accuracy of your watt-meter in accordance with manufacturer specifications and regulatory standards. If the device requires adjustment, we will calibrate it to a high degree of accuracy within a short turnaround window.
Our Watt-Meter Calibration Capabilities
Watt-meters are used to measure the total electric power of a circuit in watts. Many companies rely on watt-meters to deliver accurate and consistent readings when recording power data for their operations. However, the accuracy of watt-meters can start to drift over time. This drift can be caused by any one or a combination of factors, including temperature fluctuations, handling, physical damage, and aging. If not maintained regularly, these meters can become unstable and output unreliable results – potentially resulting in unnecessary energy consumption, equipment repairs, and even risk of electric shock.
To maintain accurate and reliable watt meter performance, companies can have their meter professionally calibrated at a calibration lab such as ATS. We service both analog and digital watt meters from a range of manufacturers, which includes (but is not limited to):
  • Autonics
  • Circutor
  • Crompton Instruments
  • DEIF
  • FC Misure
ATS – Your Provider for Calibrations and More
Since 1967, Applied Technical Services has offered testing and inspection services based on excellent service quality and proven scientific and engineering principles. Our full-service calibration, dimensional inspection, and repair services labs are held to our ISO certified quality management program. In addition to electrical equipment, ATS also services mechanical, thermal, environmental, and onsite devices and equipment. Clients can manage their future calibration dates, asset history, and other calibration records through the secure iPortal web platform.

Why Our Clients Choose ATS Calibration Labs

  • ISO Certified Quality Program
  • As Found and As Left Data
  • Certificates Traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  • Quick Turnaround Times
  • Accurate Results
  • Helpful Customer Support Representatives
  • Convenient Online Calibration Records Management
Do you know the performance status of your watt-meter? Contact us today to learn more about ATS watt-meter calibration and to receive a free quote. ATS – We take a closer look!

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