Particle Size Analyzer

Particle Size Distribution Analysis Laboratory

The particle size distribution analysis laboratory at Applied Technical Services reports information about size distribution in various powder and liquid samples. The analysis determines if a sample is suitable for use in the client’s intended purpose, including use in powder coatings, additive manufacturing, and the injection molding of components. 

Laser Diffraction

Our particle size distribution analysis laboratory uses a laser diffraction particle size analyzer to evaluate sample characteristics. Laser diffraction occurs when a laser is fired at a sample positioned behind a focusing lens. The laser engages with the sample’s particles, causing the laser to scatter and diffract until reaching a focal point. The focal point’s sensor will measure the light’s intensity so the laser diffraction particle size analyzer can process the data and characterize the sizes and shapes of the particles. 

ATS chemists conduct laser diffraction under the guidelines of ASTM B822, the standard method for testing particle size distribution. The instruments used can measure results from .02 µm to 2.8 mm, enabling our chemists to assess the potential uses of the sample accurately. 

ATS’ Analysis Services

Applied Technical Services has offered quality testing, engineering consulting, and inspection services since our founding in 1967. Our particle size distribution analysis laboratory serves a variety of industries, including: 

Commitment to Quality

ATS is an ISO 9001 registered management system that abides by internationally recognized standards of quality management practices. We take several measures to offer our client’s a quality experience, including: 

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