Instrumentation Used for Powder Characterization and Particle Size Analysis

Powders and the Importance of Particle Size Distribution Analysis

Applied Technical Services performs particle size distribution analysis to measure the dimensions of particles in a sample powder. Powders are dry masses of solid, discrete particles, which flow almost like a liquid and have been used in a variety of applications throughout several industries. The shapes and sizes of the individual particles that make up a powder specimen can fundamentally change the performance characteristics of the final product in which they will be used — manufacturers understand the importance of characterizing their powder with a trusted testing provider for this exact reason. ATS’ particle size analysis lab performs this service for clients who need to validate their powder products.

Laser Diffraction

ATS’ chemistry department performs this test using specialized equipment called a laser diffraction particle size analyzer. Our testing experts begin by loading the specimen into the sampler and exposing it to a laser beam that interacts with a sample of particles. This interaction causes the laser to scatter and diffract until it reaches a focal point, which contains a sensor that measures the intensity of the light it receives. Finally, the equipment processes this data using an algorithm to characterize the sizes and shapes of particles in the sample according to several dimensions and categories.
ATS’ chemists perform the laser diffraction method of particle size analysis according to ASTM B822. The instruments they use are sensitive enough to yield measurements ranging from .02 – 2800µm, allowing them to answer the needs of manufacturers validating powders for use in a variety of applications. Our particle size distribution analysis team compares findings against criteria derived from either industry standards or client specifications to determine the sample’s suitability for use. ATS can furthermore work with clients to develop a customized testing program to meet more specific needs.

ATS' Analysis Services

Applied Technical Services provides testing, inspection, and engineering consulting capabilities of peerless quality. In the decades since our founding in 1967, our company has rapidly expanded from our humble beginnings as a three-man operation helping local businesses out of our founder’s basement. Now, ATS is a multidisciplinary service provider who employs hundreds of chemists, technicians, engineers, and investigators to serve clients from around the world. Of the many we serve, companies from the following industries most benefit from our capacity for particle size analysis:
Our Commitment to Quality
ATS values quality as a guiding principle; for this reason, our chemical analysis group performs all their testing services, particle size analysis included, in accordance with our stringent quality assurance policy. We registered our system to ISO 9001, the internationally recognized standard for quality management systems. Because the process to achieve this recognition requires a business’s entity operating processes to comply with this rigorous standard, attaining registration confers a certain legitimacy to the quality assurance practices they employ. Maintaining this designation signals to clients that ATS is committed to providing quality services — serious enough that we want to be held accountable for it. By following the precepts outlined in the standard, we set the groundwork for continuously improving the quality of our services.
We take a variety of measures to ensure our clients enjoy the best customer experience we can deliver. These include the following:
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