CT Scan of a Lock

Industrial 3D Scanning

Industrial 3D Scanning allows testing providers like Applied Technical Services to achieve results yielded by several nondestructive testing methods and a full dimensional inspection by completing a single scan. Detecting issues early on and preventive maintenance help prevent major unexpected expenses and loss of production. Industrial 3D scanning uses the same technology as medical-grade CT scanning equipment. It generates a three-dimensional set of data points corresponding to the object being scanned, allowing our technicians to check for flaws or other issues without destroying the item. Our clients can think of computed tomography for industrial applications like a non-invasive CT scan designed to examine a component’s overall condition.
Advantages to CT as a Scanning Method
As a result of recent improvements and interest in industrial 3D scanning, the financial expense to perform CT testing services on equipment, components, and/or products has reduced, making this technology commercially viable as an analysis method.
Nondestructive Testing
Flaw Detection
Allows technicians to discover flaws and other potential problems during a comprehensive industrial 3D scan before such problems can cause damage or halt production overall. This process involves scanning objects to generate a spatial 3D set of data points of an article’s internal components that our technicians can analyze without destroying the sample or becoming otherwise invasive.
Thickness Measurement
Industrial 3D scanning of objects can determine the material thickness and structural integrity of sample materials. This technological advancement allows technicians to measure both the coating and surface material thickness of scanned articles without having to perform an ultrasonic thickness test (UTT).
Dimensional Inspection
Testing Capabilities
ATS utilizes an expansive range of equipment to conduct tests that provide an extraordinary amount of detail with more clarity than conventional radiographic methods. ATS’ CT technicians maintain extensive knowledge and experience while remaining committed to service and integrity, and providing our clients with unmatched data on their scanned articles.
ATS' CT Scanning Technology
Our technologically advanced equipment allows us to produce the high-resolution images and models that make industrial 3D scanning such a desirable method.