3D Scanning

3D Scanning Services

ATS Offers Multiple Types of 3D Scanning Services

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Technician Viewing CT Models of Sample Component
3D Scanning - Computed Tomography (CT)

Industrial 3D x-rays also known as Computed Tomography (CT) allows  ATS to achieve results yielded by several nondestructive testing methods and a full dimensional inspection by completing a single scan.

Common Applications Include:
  • Metrology Measurements
  • Part Scans
  • Failure Analysis
  • First Article of Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
3D Site Scanning
3D Site Scanning - Forensics

In terms of forensics investigations, preserving the quality of an accident scene or the evidence contained within isn’t just important – it’s critical. Our 3D Laser site scanning service is a relatively recent advancement that allows professionals to create real-time, 3D models of environments (accidents or fire scenes) using a series of scans that measure critical characteristics such as distance, spacial relations and more, in the most accurate way possible.

Common Applications Include:
  • Accident Scene Documentation
  • Fire Scene Documentation
  • Evidence Scans