Model of Spark Plug Captured by CT Scanning

How Industrial CT Scanning Services Benefit Clients

Applied Technical Services performs industrial CT scanning services to give clients a more comprehensive image of their sample. Computed tomography, abbreviated as CT, is a method of nondestructive testing that is used to generate a high-resolution 3D X-ray model of a subject. Most commonly associated with its use in medicine, CT scanning has a variety of applications in industrial settings. Because it provides detailed imagery of the interior features of a subject and its results provide the same volume and quality of information that would otherwise require several different tests, CT is a convenient and cost-effective method of testing with a wide range of applications. CT is highly effective in areas such as:
ATS: A Devoted Provider
Applied Technical Services is a multidisciplinary firm that has provided testing, industrial inspection, and consulting engineering for over 50 years. With a team of experienced CT technicians and some of the most versatile and precise systems on the market, ATS is a leader in industrial computed tomography. We implement our CT technology to benefit a variety of industries, including:
Our Quality Service
All of our industrial CT scanning services are performed in compliance with our ISO 9001-certified quality assurance program. We consistently provide impeccable service that our clients can rely on. To maintain our high standard of customer experience, our testing personnel operate within a short turnaround window to return clear, detailed, and accurate data to our clients to ensure that they can make informed, timely decisions regarding their subject components or materials. Our customer service ambassadors and lab personnel are responsive to client needs so they can attain solutions to their problems.
ATS is a trusted provider that can utilize 3D X-ray technology to help you get a thorough analysis of your components for a competitive price. If your company has a product that could benefit from industrial computed tomography, contact ATS for a closer look.