Colorized flaws on a 3D model Captured Through Micro-CT

About Industrial X-ray Microtomography

X-ray microtomography, also called micro-CT or high-resolution CT, is a type of computed tomography that analyzes a material’s structure at a microscopic spatial resolution. Computed tomography (CT) uses a series of x-rays to create a comprehensive 3D model of the sample material. A micro-CT scan requires a microfocus x-ray source to obtain high detail images of the sample. At ATS, our top-of-the-line North Star Imaging X5000 and Zeiss Metrotom 1500 machines are outfitted with micro-focus x-ray projectors so that we can provide our clients with detailed, accurate results. Our experts can use the results to calculate material thickness, coating thickness, volumetric measurements, and surface area of any internal or external feature.
Any industry can benefit from microtomography due to its numerous advantages:
Applications for Microtomography
Although computed tomography originated in the medical field, modern technological developments have made CT a practical option for industrial purposes. Today, ATS uses microtomography to benefit clients in a multitude of industries. Our ability to generate a CAD file from a CT scan is especially helpful for preproduction processes such as reverse engineering, prototyping, and part validation. Microtomography can also assist in production procedures such as quality control, failure detection, and dimensional analysis. As a nondestructive testing method, micro-CT is ideal for inspecting lamination layers, mechanisms inside precision parts, and weld quality.
X-ray microtomography also excels in failure analysis. Micro-CT scanning can detect cracks, porosity, or other flaws in sample materials, allowing one of our technicians to categorize these flaws by size and location. The comprehensive 3D model can reveal any internal or external mechanism failure.
ATS’ Micro-CT Services
Applied Technical Services has excelled in testing, inspection, and consulting engineering since 1967. For over fifty years, we have offered our services to clients across the globe. Our experts assist companies from several industries, including:
At ATS, quality is a guiding principle. Our technicians are highly experienced with our computed tomography equipment. We deliver detailed, accurate data within a short time frame, and our experts are available for any questions clients may have regarding their tests or results. We dedicate ourselves to helping our clients find solutions to their problems.
If your company could benefit from x-ray microtomography, contact ATS about our micro-CT services.