A building envelope consultant takes notes on damage to a building façade.

Building Envelope Consultants

Building envelope consultants from ATS can evaluate your commercial property for signs of damage, design your renovation procedures, and develop a maintenance plan to extend the life of your building.

From the roof to the foundation, a strong building envelope protects your building from the weather, noise, and pollution. Over time, the building envelope becomes vulnerable to intrusions. For example, heavy rainfall can infiltrate your building envelope and cause thousands of dollars in damages. Hire an ATS consultant to identify problems before the damage becomes extensive and expensive.

Building Envelope Inspection Methods

When ATS provides a building envelope inspection, we send trained and experienced professionals for a multidisciplinary approach. During a building envelope consultation, our experts use numerous specialized tools to detect moisture and heat loss. Our main evaluation methods include:

What a Building Envelope Inspection Covers

The Façade

The building façade is the first thing customers notice when they visit your property. Direct sunlight, pollution, and rain can beat against the exterior walls of your building to discolor and distort the cladding. Not only is this unattractive to your potential clients and workers, but it can also signify deeper problems.

Our building envelope consultants will evaluate the façade of your building for signs of damage or weakness, such as cracks, discoloration, and warping. We work with many types of cladding, including:

The Roof

Water is one of the greatest threats to a building’s soundness. When rainwater hits the roof, it should flow down the roof and into the gutters. But if there is a leak, the water will permeate the roofing membrane to cause damage to the critical walls and beams of your building. Without ventilation, moisture can develop into a wood rot or mold issue.

ATS can send a consultant to examine a variety of roofing systems. To inspect hard-to-reach places like the roof, we can use rope access or staging to scale the exterior walls. Additionally, our experts can evaluate your building from the inside.

The Foundation

A strong building foundation blocks water in the ground from compromising the structural integrity of the building. If we suspect your foundation can no longer protect your building from water, we can perform augering and excavation along the foundation and subsurface walls.

Water Infiltration Tests

To find potential leaks, our experts can perform water infiltration evaluations. Our water tests can be source-specific or follow ASTM Standard E1105 and AAMA 501.2-03 standards.

We can calculate lingering moisture and humidity in your building materials with a moisture meter. We can also assess surface water flow and drainage effectiveness.

Building Envelope Repair Plans

After the evaluation, our building envelope consultants can design a repair protocol customized to your needs. We can identify and document materials that need replacement, as well. Finally, we can develop a long-term maintenance plan for regular inspections to prolong the life of your building.

About the ATS Family

ATS is a multidisciplinary firm that provides testing, inspection, consulting engineering, and calibration services. Founded in 1967, our company now reaches customers nationwide, with services available around the globe.

As we expand our family of companies to include more experts with new capabilities, ATS continues its mission of excellence by providing clients with detailed analysis and fact-finding inspections. Our quick turnaround rate empowers our clients to make cost-effective decisions.

Our cutting-edge labs are A2LA certified in nondestructive, electrical, mechanical, and chemical testing. For a complete list of our accomplishments, click here.

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