Accelerated Aging Testing

Applied Technical Services provides a variety of accelerated aging testing methods, all performed to their industry-recognized standards. Manufacturers need to know the lifespan of their products for any variety of reasons, including industry regulations and quality control. The way they estimate this is by sending a sample to a testing company, like Applied Technical Services, for accelerated aging testing. ATS provides an array of related tests to best meet the needs of our clients.

Accelerated aging is a category of materials testing, not one specific method. What follows is a list of accelerated aging methods that ATS performs to their internationally-recognized standards:

Methods and Standards:
ATS and Accelerated Aging Testing

ATS has provided world-class testing, inspection, and engineering consulting services for over 50 years. Clients located around the world and operating in a variety of industries have benefited from our lab’s prompt return of accurate findings. Our technicians are experts in their field, frequently performing the above tests to help clients determine the longevity of their products. Let ATS handle your accelerated aging needs today.

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