Custom Fixture Fabricated to Test the Long-Term Reliability of a Product
Applications in Product Analysis
Applied Technical Services performs accelerated reliability testing to help clients characterize the longevity and failure characteristics of their products’ critical components. Subjecting samples to one cycle approximating their expected service conditions can demonstrate whether it works as intended; by subjecting them to a multitude of these simulations, our lab can demonstrate how long the parts work as intended. ATS helps them use that information to evaluate the quality of their product.
Also referred to as accelerated life cycle testing, clients seek out this method of product analysis early in the development process, as it helps to highlight structural flaws and design shortcomings in important components. Accelerated reliability testing — as the name might suggest — takes place over a relatively short period of time but yields insight into the long-term efficacy of the sample. Performing this method early enough gives clients the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments to boost the reliability of their product before too late in its development cycle.
How We Perform Accelerated Reliability Testing
ATS’ environmental testing division performs all the life cycle testing services we offer. Because products will vary in form, size, and intended use, these experts develop custom reliability testing plans specific to each client’s needs. Similarly, we conduct analyses according to customer specifications so that results will be relevant to their individual production process. Our lab creates fixtures and settings tailored to apply forces and environmental conditions that most closely simulate expected conditions of service. Expert technicians program these custom fabrications to administer uniform cycles of desired stimuli until either a certain amount have been completed, or the component fails — whichever best serves the needs of the client. ATS can then use the data from this analysis to help customers improve the durability and long-term reliability of their final product.
Complementary Product Analysis Services
Accelerated reliability testing is only one of the product analysis services that we provide. Our lab is accredited to perform a wide range of other methods useful to various stages of the product development process. Other capabilities include:
About ATS
Since our founding in 1967, Applied Technical Services has provided testing, inspection, and consulting engineering capabilities of incomparable quality. Over the five decades since then, we have grown a great deal: from a small operation assisting local businesses out of our founder’s basement to an esteemed firm serving clients located around the world with our staff of several hundred professional engineers, inspectors, technicians, chemists, and scientists. Of the many we serve, the following industries most benefit from our services that test to determine product reliability:
Our Standards of Quality
Our environmental testing division performs each of our product analysis services in accordance with ATS’ quality assurance program. We took the necessary steps to get our system ISO 9001 registered to ensure we consistently provide services in which we can take pride. The Marietta Super Lab earned this designation by admitting approved auditors to thoroughly examine our testing processes; they affirm not only that our procedures comply with the internationally recognized standard outlining effective quality management practices, but that we invariably put these principles to use when performing testing services for our valued clients. ATS maintains its ISO 9001 certification to signal to clientele and the industry at large that we take quality seriously — so much that we choose to be accountable for it.
We take the following steps to ensure the best customer experience we can reasonably deliver:
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