ISO 2409 cross-cut testing sample

ISO 2409 Testing

Applied Technical Services performs ISO 2409 testing to evaluate paints and varnishes for adhesive qualities. Coatings serve as a later of protection for products and materials. If a coating does not adhere well to a material’s surface, it cannot sufficiently protect the material. ISO 2409 provides a method for assessing a coating’s resistance to separation from an underlying material, including preceding coating layers.
Cross-Cut Testing
ISO 2409 is a cross-cut test for coatings with layer thicknesses up to 250 μm. This test can either be pass/fail or score the results by classification. During the cross-cut test, inspectors mark the sample with six parallel cuts without damaging the surface beneath the coating. Six more cuts mark the coating at right angles, forming a rectangular lattice pattern. ISO 2409 is a tape test, meaning inspectors apply tape over the cuts and then remove the tape to assess the coating’s separation resistance. The ISO 2409 standard can evaluate single- or multi-coat systems and can measure the separation resistance of each individual layer in a multi-coat system.
ISO 2409 and Salt Spray Testing
Applied Technical Services performs cross-cut testing in conjunction with other material tests, such as salt spray testing. ATS is A2LA (ISO 17025) accredited for DIN EN ISO 2409, allowing us to combine salt spray and cross-cut testing.
Salt spray testing, also known as salt fog testing, is an environmental testing method that exposes samples to accelerated weathering conditions. Salt spray tests examine the effects of corrosion on functionality and appearance by exposing samples to moisture and salt corrosion. Combining this testing method with cross-cut testing allows clients to inspect their coatings’ long-term capabilities.
We start with the salt spray test, artificially weathering and aging the coating, before completing the cross-cut test. Testing the varnish or paint coating’s separation resistance after enduring the salt spray test conditions allows us to assess the coating’s durability and aptitude for the intended service conditions.
Evaluating Coatings with Salt Spray Tests

In addition to ISO 2409, ATS uses a wide array of standards to test paint, coating, and varnish characteristics, both with and without the application of salt spray testing. We offer salt spray coating tests according to ASTM, MIL-STD, ISO, BS, DIN, JIS, SAE, and several automotive standards. We are also A2LA/ISO 17025 accredited to perform numerous other forms of paint and coating tests, including:

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