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Foreign object search and retrieval (FOSAR) is a specialized service for locating and removing lost items from within industrial systems and structures. During routine maintenance practices, objects such as tools, parts, dirt, combustible materials, or other debris can fall and become lost in hard-to-reach spaces. These lost materials could cause numerous problems in the equipment, including:
Many options for retrieval, such as confined space entry or equipment deconstruction, are expensive, time-consuming, and potentially hazardous. Applied Technical Services uses remote visual inspection (RVI) technology to perform foreign object search and retrieval operations in a safe, efficient manner. We use RVI tools to examine:
Our Methods
ATS uses a variety of robotic and remotely operated camera systems to provide FOSAR services. Our arsenal of equipment includes:
We pair high-resolution equipment with retrieval tools, allowing us to efficiently find and retrieve lost objects and debris. Our certified RVI technicians have the skills and experience required to perform inspections with precision and efficiency. Our RVI tools also have 3D analysis capabilities for analyzing flaws such as cracks, pitting, and corrosion. We can provide clients with an accurate understanding of their equipment’s condition. A comprehensive RVI inspection can help clients minimize unplanned shutdowns, increase equipment efficiency, and increase profitability.
Nondestructive Testing Experts
ATS’ FOSAR and RVI experts provide clients with the best nondestructive testing services available. These specialists complete jobs within a short time frame, allowing proprietors to make timely, informed decisions concerning their equipment. Our NDT experts can also provide numerous additional services, including:
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Applied Technical Services has been providing clients with dependable testing and inspection services for more than 50 years. We serve industrial and commercial clients around the globe. We continually expand our NDT services so we can fulfill all our clients’ needs. Our services benefit numerous industries, including:
Our experts connect directly with clients, answering questions and delivering clear, accurate reporting.
If you could benefit from our foreign object search and retrieval services, contact ATS today.

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