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Unparalleled Ground Penetrating Radar Services

Applied Technical Services’ nondestructive testing division offers a variety of inspection methods, performed in our lab or on client site. Construction industry clients request one method in particular to detect everything from flaws like voids to features like structural beams; our ground penetrating radar services (GPR) relay detailed information about conditions beneath the surface of a concrete sample. Many construction professionals and concrete cutting/coring experts call on ATS to provide this proficient nondestructive testing method that accurately scans concrete identifying rebar, conduits, and post-tension cables.

Since 1967, ATS has established an excellent national and global reputation for dependable testing and inspection services. Along with our 20 plus service locations we have assembled a strong network of technicians capable of handling large jobs quickly and efficiently. Our certified and experienced NDT experts use the latest ground penetrating technology, making them industry leaders due to their expertise and accurate data interpretations.

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At Applied Technical Services, we work to constantly improve our nondestructive testing services. We prioritize our customers, offering short turnarounds and thorough, detailed reporting. We connect clients directly to relevant experts who can help with their particular needs.
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