Push Camera Inspection Services

Applied Technical Services provides push camera inspections as one of the many remote visual inspection (RVI) services we offer. A push camera inspection could benefit a wide range of equipment, including pipes, shafts, ducts, and other areas with limited access. ATS uses push cameras to eliminate the need for costly equipment disassembly and destructive inspection and maintenance processes. Push camera inspections also allow us to prevent exposing personnel to hazardous conditions. We can safely and thoroughly inspect all our clients’ equipment, providing benefits such as:
In addition to standard inspections, we use push cameras to conduct foreign object search and retrieval (FOSAR) operations. When components, dirt, tools, or other debris become lost in hard-to-reach places, they can cause damage to equipment and systems. ATS can pair our push cameras with retrieval equipment to locate and remove the items, documenting cleanliness. We can apply our FOSAR capabilities to foreign material exclusion (FME) zones, where cleanliness has utmost importance. When foreign objects breach FME boundaries, they can cause:
ATS can protect critical systems and structures from damage by providing a comprehensive push camera inspection. We provide clients with detailed data from each inspection so they can keep updated inspection and maintenance records.
Remote Visual Inspection
Our remote visual inspection services take a proactive approach to identify component degradation and system damage. Alongside push cameras, we utilize an array of remotely operated camera systems to inspect a wide variety of equipment. Our technologies include drones, magnetic crawlers, borescopes, and pipe crawlers, allowing us to capture high-definition imaging and 3D scans of clients’ equipment. With our versatile technology, we can inspect equipment such as:
We can identify flaws such as cracking, corrosion, and mechanical damage and provide recommendations for repairs and maintenance. We strive to eliminate unplanned downtime and prevent costly repairs, optimizing our clients’ productivity through our RVI services.
About ATS
Applied Technical Services has been a leader in nondestructive testing and inspections for over 50 years. We prioritize our clients, providing clear, accurate reporting with quick turnarounds. We put clients in direct contact with experts who can help answer their questions and provide solutions to their individual problems.
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