Polymer Viscosity Analysis

Applied Technical Services’ conducts polymer viscosity analysis to determine the rheological behavior of polymer samples. Polymer rheology testing helps provide insight into the properties of various polymers including adhesives, gels, liquids, and pastes.

Understanding Viscosity

Viscosity refers to a substance’s resistance to deformation under applied stress. The ratio between the polymer’s flow time and the pure solvent’s flow time determines the material’s viscosity. A polymer’s viscosity provides important insight into the material’s development and overall ability to perform specific functions. The viscosity of polymers is affected by several contributing factors, including:

Determining the Viscosity of Polymers

Dilute Solution Viscometry, or DSV, determines the inherent, intrinsic, and relative viscosity of polymers by providing insight into the average molecular weight of the sample. During the DSV process, experts weigh the polymer sample before the material is dissolved in a solvent to create a solution. The solution is placed in a water bath along with a viscometer that determines the solution’s viscosity. Dilute solution viscosity testing is a simple and inexpensive process that helps with the following:

We conduct DSV testing in compliance with the following standards.

Applied Technical Services’ Polymer Analysis Laboratory

Our polymer analysis lab features state-of-the-art technology capable of analyzing the properties of polymers. We offer numerous polymer-related services, including:

Our Commitment to Quality

Applied Technical Services provides professional consulting engineering, inspection, and testing for businesses domestically and abroad. We have continued to expand and improve our operation throughout our 55 years in business to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Our A2LA-accredited mechanical, chemical, and nondestructive testing facilities benefit various industries, including:

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