TMA Analysis

Applied Technical Services uses thermomechanical analysis to characterize the physical properties of polymeric materials. The information gained from TMA is helpful for application development, failure analysis, and material characterization and development.

What is TMA?

Thermomechanical analysis, or TMA, determines the thermal properties of polymers. TMA identifies a material’s physical properties when force is applied at specific temperatures and is commonly used to determine a material’s softening temperature and expansion behavior. There are several advantages of TMA, including:

Applied Technical Services' TMA Analysis Services

Our technicians measure the thermal behavioral changes in various materials, including:

TMA provides information on the following properties.

ATS' Polymer Analysis Lab

Applied Technical Services’ A2LA accredited polymer analysis lab provides failure analysis, research and development, and various other services that evaluate polymeric materials’ chemical, mechanical, and thermal properties. Our services ensure that polymers meet manufacturers’ expectations and comply with industry standards and regulations. We offer numerous polymer analysis services, including:

About Applied Technical Services

Founded in 1967, Applied Technical Services provides quality consulting engineering, inspection, and testing services to companies across the globe. We are an ISO 9001-certified quality management system dedicated to our operation’s continuous expansion and improvement. Our technicians have decades of experience in various disciplines and work closely with clients to ensure our services meet their demands and objectives. We provide clear and concise data reports that detail our services and the yielded results. Please call + 1 (888) 287-5227 to request a free quote or additional details regarding our thermomechanical analysis services.

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