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Computed Tomography

The Engineer's CAT Scan

ATS Now Offering Computed Tomography Services

Helping Clients Diagnose Structural Flaws with Surgical Precision
Marietta, GA. (January 16, 2018) – Due to recent improvements in supporting technology, Applied Technical Services, Inc. now offers Computed Tomography (CT) services out of our Marietta and Greenville offices. This powerful examination tool is now available to clients who need to test for minute flaws in critical machine components.

CT imaging is an advanced form of non-destructive testing that takes many X-rays of the test material from different angles. Each of these projections shows a cross-sectional image of the test material as if it had been cut in half, allowing for a detailed look at the object. The projections can also be assembled into a single 3D model to take precise measurements of flaws. We even use a program to simulate the model performing its function so that we can analyze the stresses and pressures exerted on different components during actual use.

If industrial CT imaging sounds like a medical CAT scan, that’s because the two processes are very similar; the same technology that doctors use to find a tumor in the brain or blockage in the circulatory system can now be used to find a crack in a casing or a void in a joint.

ATS Greensville’s resident Computed Tomography expert, Matt Ruggles, enthused about the benefits to the client:
So the thing about CT scans is that they give us the results of several inspections at the same time,” he said. This comprehensive test is especially helpful to clients who need a lot of information about their test material. “One CT scan can tell us about the defect analysis, thickness of the metals, all kinds of information from a single inspection,” he continued.

This all-inclusive aspect of the inspection means that fewer separate tests must be performed on the test material, which lowers the price and ensures a quicker turnaround for clients.

ATS offers additional support related to the results of the CT scans as well – Mr. Ruggles added, “clients are given a copy of the scans to keep for themselves, and can bring that back and consult us if they need additional insight on their test results.”

Applied Technical Services has provided engineering assistance to clients from a variety of industries for 50 years. With the addition of CT imaging to our already long list of services offered, we are better able to provide our clients with analysis of the critical equipment and functions that keep their businesses running. Click here to learn more about us.

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