International Inspections Acquisition

International Inspections Acquisition

ATS Acquires International Inspection, Inc.

Introducing an NDT Powerhouse from the West Coast

Welcoming a Valuable Addition to the ATS Family

Marietta, GA. (September 17, 2018) —
Exciting news ATS family and friends: due to a recently finalized agreement, Applied Technical Services (ATS) has acquired International Inspection, Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary! With the announcement of this new partnership between ATS and International Inspection, both companies stand to expand their capabilities and improve the customer experience.

International Inspection specializes in the inspection and nondestructive examination (NDE) of equipment, properties, and assets in service to the Marine, Construction, Fabrication, and Communications industries. Their expertise in these areas complements our own and, furthermore, ensures that International Inspection will become a valuable partner moving forward.

International Inspection operates out of the West Coast of the United States as they serve clients the world over with their spectacular NDE capabilities. To ensure the accuracy of inspections and safety of personnel, they employ an experienced team of technicians meeting the requirements of ASNT SNT–TC–1A for Levels I, II, and III.

International Inspection’s senior management is comprised of Duncan McClure (President), Michael Delgado (Vice President), and Jeff Trapp (Vice President). Each of whom are members of the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT), the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) and the Society of Port Engineers (SOPE).

International Inspection has been providing NDE services continuously for more than 45 years. They were founded in 1967 as Ronald Nisbet Associates (RNA) and in 1997 became International Inspection with a new management team that is in place to this day. This new team and a renewed vision have been key contributors to remarkable growth. They will continue to operate independently of ATS and are not relocating from their five locations across California, Oregon, and Washington State.

The partnership that springs from the joining of these two companies will help each pursue the continued growth and improvement of inspection and NDE services. As of August 31, 2018, we are proud to welcome International Inspection to the ATS family.

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