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Radiation Test Solutions Joins Applied Technical Services

Introducing an exciting new addition to the ATS family of companies!
Marietta, GA. (November 5, 2021) —
Radiation Test Solutions, Inc. is joining Applied Technical Services as a wholly owned subsidiary. This Colorado company specializes in verifying whether electronic components and subassemblies can survive exposure to radiation, known in the industry as “radiation survivability”. These conditions occur in many applications including outer space (satellites, etc.) and medical testing and security testing systems. RTS accomplishes this through offering design, consultation, and testing services to OEMs that supply the space, military, medical, aerospace, and consumer product industries.
As a condition of this acquisition, Radiation Test Solutions will continue to operate independently from their Colorado Springs, CO location. Their leadership, led by President Malcolm Thomson, will remain unchanged, and they will offer the same services without interruption to their clients. What has changed is the partnership between their company and ATS, allowing them new resources and opportunities while expanding the scope of our capabilities.
Please join us in welcoming this exciting new addition to the ATS family!
You can learn more about Radiation Test Solutions at their website, https://www.radiationtestsolutions.com/, or follow them on LinkedIn.