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Prop 65 Compliance Testing

Applied Technical Services offers our clients CA Prop 65 compliance testing. Meeting the requirements of Prop 65 can serve as a challenge to many manufacturers for a variety of reasons. Along with the expertise ATS provides, we also partner with toxicology groups to aid businesses in need.

Prop 65 Explained

California Proposition 65, or the “Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act,” is a right-to-know law requiring that businesses inform the public about the damages and defects caused by exposure to the chemicals in their products. The law establishes transparency between companies and their customers while allowing Californians to make informed decisions regarding their health and wellbeing. The California Attorney General’s Office enforces the law, and failure to abide by Prop 65 can lead to daily fines as high as $2,500

The Importance of Prop 65 Compliance Testing

Prop 65 compliance testing along with human exposure assessments, is often needed for products and their packaging to ensure hazardous chemicals do not exceed the safe harbor levels, which includes: Maximum Allowable Dose Level (MADL) or No Significant Risk Level (NSRL). Testing promotes consumer safety and motivates manufacturers to find safer alternatives to their current practices. Prop 65 compliance testing can prevent fines, lawsuits, and court orders.

Prop 65 Chemicals

The ever-evolving list of substances covered by Prop 65 contains approximately 900 natural and synthetic chemicals known to cause human harm from exposure. The list includes ingredients in food, consumer products, prescription drugs, cleaning products, pesticides, and chemicals. Products containing chemicals above the MADL/NSRL levels must contain a warning label to avoid infractions.

ATS Testing Services

ATS offers various testing methods to accommodate our clients needing Prop 65 compliance testing, including: 

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