nfpa 25 fire water storage tank inspections

NFPA 25 Fire Water Storage Tank Inspection

To help ensure that your water-based fire suppression system is operating properly, ATS offers NFPA 25 Fire Water Storage Tank inspection services. To keep your personnel and resources safe from fire and the extensive damage it may cause, industries are required to adhere to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Regulations. In the 2017 edition, the regulation outlines the minimal guidelines for fire water tank inspections, testing and maintenance.

Frequency Guidelines for Tank Evaluations:

Based on the frequency guidelines above, ATS’ qualified inspectors offer visual testing that meets the specified requirements.

Visual Testing Process

To make the inspection process more efficient for you and your facility, ATS offers underwater evaluations using our technically advanced submersible remote operated vehicle (ROV). This visual inspection process can be more cost effective than hiring a diver to perform inspections besides being a time saver, allowing you to achieve quality inspections without having to drain your tank(s).

Per – Required Tests for Interior Pitting, Corrosion, or Coating Failures

If pitting, corrosion, and coating failures are discovered during the visual inspection process then NFPA 25 requires additional testing on a drained tank. Our experienced personnel have the expertise to perform these additional tests if necessary.

Additional Testing:
Internal and External Tank Components

Internal and external tank components can present vulnerabilities subject to failures and discontinuities. Based on specifications, our thorough inspection procedures may also include evaluations of the following components:

ATS can assist your facility in establishing an ongoing compliance program that meets NFPA 25 Standards. This program outlines chronological and routine inspections required by NFPA and can help you maintain the required records. This is an important and conventional aspect for your business when it comes to having successful safety and quality assurance audits. 

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